Common Insurance Questions

Q: Why should I go through an Independent Agent like yourselves?

A: The biggest mistake you can make is assuming that it doesn’t matter where you get your insurance from.  Unlike most insurance reps or online based companies which are captive to one product, we aren’t tied down to selling services from only one company and have the freedom to shop around to get you the best plan.  We not only work to save you money but also to get you a better policy.

Q: The options on insurance plans seem so complicated, what do some of them actually mean?

A: Insurance can seem confusing on the surface and that is where our expertise and experience can help you the most.  You want to make sure your insurance that needs will actually be covered when trouble strikes.  We go over all the options with our customers to make sure that you are not only getting the bast price, but also getting the right type of insurance plan you need.
We broke down the most common insurance terms to help you understand the basics, you can find them by clicking here.

Q: I don’t live anywhere near your offices how do I get insurance from you?

A: As long as you live in either Minnesota or Wisconsin we can provide with insurance.  For those customers who can’t get to our office we can simply go over every thing over the phone, help you pick out the best plan, and either.

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